A selection of Christmas melodramas

Romance, is probably the most suitable genre, able to give a festive Christmas mood. And he is a bit naive, a bit far-fetched and sometimes cloyingly romantic... But don't expect miracles, we are all in these holidays? That is why the latest release of speakers critics this year we decided to dedicate the Christmas melodramas. A baby for Christmas is Incredibly atmospheric Christmas Comedy. Her character is a young woman named Noemi. She lives in a picturesque town at the foot of the mountain, working as an elementary school teacher and meets with the Director of the local Bank branch Oliver. The news that the beloved transferred to work in Geneva to coincide with the arrival in town of a former lover Noemi – musician Jan. Moving to Geneva unacceptable to the girl, as she sees him collapse of his career, for which she was even willing to part with Oliver. Meanwhile, Yang is not against to get back together with Naomi. However, meditation girls about their fate suddenly interrupted by a 6 - month coma, where she finds herself after accidental fall from a bridge into the water. Recovering six months later, Naomi discovers that she is pregnant, but she categorically does not remember from whom, since it allows that the night before the fall from the bridge, could be as close as Ian, and Oliver. Country: France Year: 2018 Duration: 93 minuteelectron ice cream Gastronomy Christmas drama. Its main character – a young girl Emily Wylie. Together with her mother she lives on the family farm and is very homesick about a dead father, which is where it was better to run the family business. The main product, which produces farm ice cream. However, winter Christmas is traditionally things go wrong, because ice cream is a seasonal product. Emily even have nothing to pay with a dedicated assistant, while the Bank demands repayment of the loan. The situation is exacerbated by the arrival of a sister Emily, that requires either to sell the farm, or to pay her share of the family inheritance. In the end, Emily needs to Christmas to find 400 thousand dollars to save the life of the deceased father.

Country: USA Year: 2019 Duration: 87 minutes of Christmas in the love Lyric good Christmas romance. Her character is a young woman ally Hartman. She lives in a small American town, working in the personnel Department at a local artisan bakery and parallel enjoys making Christmas ornaments. Next to her was the most eligible bachelor of the town: a daring and sensual police officer Karel. But Ellie decides that they are too different and offers to leave. Meanwhile, on Christmas eve in the bakery comes to training its new CEO – the son of the owner of the company named Nick. It is configured to automate the production of baking. Ellie in charge of the residency program. She intends to prove "Harvard upstart" how valuable manual work, which is unable to replace neither soulless machine. Country: USA Year: 2018 Duration: 86 minutes Magic shoes Colorful Christmas spirit Christmas miracle romance. The action takes place in the American metropolis. The main character is a young woman named Noelle. According to an old family tradition of her grandmother from Holland every year before the Christmas holidays sends granddaughter pair of shoes filled with candy. She believes that all shoes are magical and will bring Noelle happiness. So this year once a Shoe gift from her grandmother, the main character is sent with gifts to the favorite store "Sweets Rida". It was here that he met her parents. This campaign brings Noelle familiarity with the Manager of the store, which changes her life forever... Country: USA Year: 2019 Duration: 87 minutes Christmas under the stars Romantic and inspirational romance. Her characters – Julie and Nick. They meet on Christmas eve on Christmas tree market in Chicago. Both the situation was not very enviable. Julie works as a school teacher of astronomy, not so long ago buried his father, and is raising a son. The situation of a young woman who is not simple, aggravated by problems with health insurance. Nick, being a sensible financier, and all is unemployed due to a slight miscalculation, which in the future could turn a profit for his clients.

Master the Christmas Bazaar, which turns out to be good old friends Julie, nick offers to work with him. Suddenly, an office clerk accepts your offer, than opens promising new page not only in my life... Country: USA Year: 2019 Duration: 84 minutes happy viewing, happy new year and to a new sound movie critic next year!.